Sunday, 18 July 2010

I'm gonna run run run run run

It is 5 mintues later but I really felt this needed to be a new entry so it will be short but sweet, representing this new turn for me.

As I leave forever the ridiculous attempts of friendship behind I am embarking on a somewhat bigger challenge than I faced in September last year. That was a 6k road race. This year it is the Great Scottish Run 10k race. Ok so it is only 4k more but last year the 6k was my absolute limit, albiet I only trained for a month. For this I will have trained for about 2.5months and I am already hitting 7k in 48 minutes which I am happy with indeed.

Having completed the 6k last year I basically, aside from a few short jogs, did not run from november through to may. That time was spent doing my honours. I took the running back during the latter stages of my final exams and havn't looked back this summer. Despite it being useful to help me climb the hills of the University campus for another year - my masters- and from keeping me from getting to the third trimester of "pie baby" in time for the wedding, I feel I am my best when running. Not actually when running but it compliments my life and those endorphins are good wee buddies to have swimming about. Plus I'm never out of puff climbing stairs :)

So, this 5 weeks into the training and i'll be aiming for 8k by this time next week.

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