Monday, 6 December 2010

a feast fit for christmas

yes, so tumblr is down today and i feel i must continue my advent of christmas activites so i will put such 'lite' issues on bobbenblog itself today. this one is about making a roast dinner. we did this yesterday - me and my husband. my husband who is stranded at work over night tonight due to 6 hours of non-stop snow blizzards today from 9-3. it's very odd being in the house with the girls and not him but i will cook and bake myself out of missing or worrying about him. last night we had a wonderful roast dinner of pork with crackling, oven baked cheese filled portobello mushrooms and roast potatoes. here it is...

pork - score the skin and add oil and salt. the salt features juniper berries. add marmalade to the bottom of the pan which will make a sweet sauce. cook for the appropriate time, the first 2/3 under foil and the last 1/3 without the foil to make crackling.

mushrooms - put portobello mushrooms in a pan and cover with oil. half fil them with breadcrumbs then fill with cheese. we used cranberry stilton. cook in the oven for about 30 mins

half new potatoes and put in a pan with a shallow layer of oil. add honey, rosemary, and chopped red chillies. cook for 1 hour. use a pastry brush to mix the marinade on all the potatoes as they cook.

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