Monday, 19 April 2010


So now that a general election has been announced for May 6, suddenly EVERYONE'S new passion is politics. It appears that if you are from England time has come for "change" i.e. the tories. ("change" - sound familiar? sound like another country that recently had a rather high profile election and a two party system?). If you are from Scotland then you basically have the choice between a failing (slightly) left of centre party with a leader resembling a very befuddled bull mastiff with poor political advisers (see right) or a failing (at westminster) left of centre party with a man as a leader who is completely deluded about state formation and has single-handedly managed to dupe the nation into thinking this whole nationalist thing is a good idea. You have these two choices only as to vote for the tories is effectivley to wear a swastika and admit (god forbid) your no working class hero after all. If your from Northern Ireland you probably don't give a shit what the tories are up to, unless you are Sylvia Hermon in which case your running for the door, and your like "libwhos?". If your from Wales your probably annoyed that blog writers have no idea what current affairs are in Wales right now.

To be honest its not the politicians, and the parties and the spin that bugs me, because lets face it, your always going to get that plus it gives you great ammunition for your political science class exams in May (they start May 7th for me), its all the idiots having their say. Yes, freedom of speach and everyone has their own opinion but people know nothing and think their measly experience on this planet somehow makes them know all. So you lived through the Thatcher years? You know, that doesn't mean you know anything about politics today, don't you? You know that probably means you didn't even know anything about politics in the 1980s either, don't you? You know you don't even realise how subjective you are being right now?!? Just because a piece of legislation effected you in a certain way doesn't mean it didn't effect other people in other ways. Sure if it benefitted you then your all smiles, but what if it didn't help hundreds of other people? And vise-versa. Please look at it with your blinkers off. Or at least if you are going to look at it with your blinkers on then admit so. I've been knee deep in this shit for the last five years and now your years of "life experience" render what I know obselete. Good job politics isn't the focus of my degree then.

I know I sound elitist, I know people should have opinions and that's ok, but why do some people just have to challenge everything you say just because they can? It's like the woman my mum knows and calls "elevenerife". (Don't get it? take away one from the number in that word). Some folk just love to hear their own voice. I went to university as a person who couldn't specify a topic where I could say "I know enough about that to have a real conversation and I probably know more about it that anyone I know". I thought that would change, and it did... but no-one wants to know. Ignorance is bliss.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The times they are...becoming quite different

So I quit one of my jobs. It's been a long time coming and for one reason or other I chose to stay on a little longer each time, but now I have left. No dramatics, no problems. Four years down the line and so much had changed, I just had to move on. It's one less wage (but lets face it I wasn't working much anyway) which may cause problems later but for now I am happy, it would seem. Thing is, no-one knew, no-one noticed and no-one bothered. Ok, I know I was only working a few hours a week and I have changed shifts a few times in the last year so I wasn't working with the same people I started with, but surely four years service gets at least a goodbye? It appears not. A card with a few "I'll miss you" or "good lucks"? Not today. The obligatory present that everyone grudgingly donates £2 to? (I would know I've probably donated about £50 over the four years I worked there to many, amongst the people I didn't even like and the people who were only there for 3 months) No chance! I knew I wouldn't get a present, I was pretty sure about the lack of card, but I at least expected a goodbye. I guess I'm not the sort of person people miss, or the sort of person people even remember.

Do you ever get the feeling that no-one ever remembers you but you ALWAYS remember them? I'm that person! I'm the one who is re-introduced and the one who ends up saying hi to someone I met before who thinks I'm a stranger. Someone you've met before will be like "Hi, I'm Mr. Bawbag". Yes, I know, we did this whole routine before. "It was nice meeting you". Maybe I should say that to everyone all the time. Even my mum. "it was nice meeting you [today] mum".

Oh well.

Also, uni is ending. This is a proper end of an era. I want it over so much, but I also want more time to do it properly. I keep thinking that by the end of May it will be all over, my fate will be sealed and I can live my life properly. At the same time I'm like SHIT its APRIL?!?!!? I swear it was the end of January like a flash ago. I just want to do well now. And I am fed up of having to feel sorry for the people who don't achieve as much as I do. I'm sorry, but for me a 60 is a bad mark. Even if its a good mark for them, its still a bad mark for me and I don't want to feel like I'm just lucky and they have to toil... I work unbeleivably hard for what I get. I didn't go to university to work to fund a night life 6 days out of seven and wrecklessley "stress out" for one day a week to get that elusive 60. For me this is the 9-5 and the rest is periphery, especially this year. I'm not a loser for having my dissertation completed half way through January - I planned it and worked for 3 months in summer to do that. I'm not lucky, and you are not unlucky. I know there are people who work really hard and get whatever grade and will hate me saying all this. I have a lot of sympathy for these people, they are just like me. But I really do get the feeling we are the exception to the rule. There is no way I am going to look back and think that i could have achieved more. Why plan for regret?

Finally today means that it is 5 months and 27 days until the wedding. Holy moley thats getting close and the above means I've been putting no effort into planning it. I dont care though, whatever happens as long as Stuart and I actually get married, I couldn't care. People keep asking what about the dress, what kind of car, have you arranged the photographer? &c., but (aside from the ceilidh) the thing that I'm excited about is having a husband (especially one who is made of the same as me). We bought our rings, I guess they are the material representation of this and I can feel exicted about that for now. Until the end of May though, there are more pressing issues than at what precise time the sham-pagne will be served.

Yes, so it is the end of an era, but it all feels so natural that I don't think i will actually notice it happening. I handed in my last essays the other day and, listening to my ipod, the music managed to fit it (without planning) perfectly, like a wee soundtrack american drama style. I dropped the essays in the box and the song changed and then it all got serious. In other news though me and Stu and Flore are going to Bowlie 2 in Decmeber for a road trip to butlins to see Belle ans Sebastian... good times!!

try this next time you hand in your essay. On the way to the box (adam green - buddy bradley) and as the essay drops in (belle and seb. - wrapped up in books)