Friday, 25 February 2011

good days just happen

Today I had a really good day, which was a bonus after a fairly stessfull day prior. I had a big piece of work to do for my research that I thought would take a long time but I managed to get it all run off in about an hour and a half. I love when that happens. After that the sun came out and I cleaned and dressed and the cats lay on the warm blankets in the pale yellow sunshine, rolling over in bliss due to their sun-highs, showing unbeleivably soft cream coloured bellies with black spots. I went to work to fill in the time sheets to get paid and having not done so the prior month I left with images of my savings piling high with that lumps entrance to my account this time next month. I went to university and printed the work I had done earlier and chatted with Ann the secretary before picking up a brown envelope of marked work from semester one. The results were pleasing and I put my print outs in alongside my marked work and slotted into my bag in that knack I have, the bag being exactly a4 in size already. Then I left the building, picked up some cash and headed to the train in the sun. It's funny how the sun can instantly change everything. It's the smells I notice most. The pvc roofed downward stairway at the station to the platform smelled warm like a greenhouse with out the plants, and of blue paint and plastics. Walking along from charing cross to finnieston I crossed the motorway and looked at all the cars coming in endless streams. Seeing this feels safe to me, for a reason of which I am unaware. The cyclical nature of 'keep the kettle boiling' making the road seem endless and the drivers continual. I like the uniformity of the motorway and the image that is created of it with elevated perspective. I followed a girl in semi-gym clothes accidentally. She walked faster than me, I was early, and enjoying the walk so slower. I kept on catching her up at traffic lights and admiring her hair done in one of those messy but also perfectly precise buns, pinned up with kirby grips and bits falling down in selective areas. I cant remember when she and I parted ways because I wasn't actually following her, we were just sharing the path. Then I went down the lane to the tearoom I was meeting Lesley at. It's a remarkable little place. You go down the lane to what looks like a builder's back court on a broken cobbled street, dank with puddles under the cover. Then you turn left and see a row of little tiny buildings all painted different colours. At the far end of the row there is a little tiny annexe of a building like the backside of another one. Inside is hidden lane. We had high tea. Sandwiches, scones, meringues, carrot cake, brownies and pink iced cupcakes I couldn't fit which were then packaged into a box with a heart shaped window, and taken home for a certain man I love. Lesley told me good news about her career and it cheered me right up, she has had a really awful time trying to find the job/career path for her and it seems that it's all turning round - she's one of the good people, and she is finally getting what she deserves. We mildly shopped at the charity shops on dumbarton road where I picked up what I call a 'granny cart' which is one those shopping trolley type upright bags with handles to pull like a suitcase. Mine is lightweight and folds away. Then I went home on the train and tried the cart out at aldi. I got my workwear jumper finally, a mens large which drowns me and I love and now I am sitting on the sofa, in m giant jumper, with blankets and pillows and hot water bottles and peppermint tea. Stuart has just got home and the cats are milling about, snoozing at my feet, mewing for dinner. I really like that soul destroying days are followed by ones that top it back up and spill over. All that from a little sunshine.

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