Saturday, 26 November 2011


I'm going to be changing this blog a bit soon. It seems that all the words have fallen out of me. I used them all up writing a masters dissertation and with a PhD thesis to come they will be a scarcity. I started this blog because I used to write things, especially when there was no-one to tell them to. Now I have all the listening I could ask for and though I harked for the past in the form of this blog, I find I am forcing myself to be in some way poetic. I don't want to be false. Yet I don't want this blog to go to waste. I post a lot on tumblr which I love and many people comment on it's ability to keep those at a distance close to my life. I sometimes say it enables friendships where nobody gets hurt and that is true though it sounds a bit ruthless. Sometimes though, the things I post get lost in the mess and sometimes these things mean little to my life. I'm trying to lay myself out on a page for anyone who wants in and as words will no longer deliver alternative means will have to hold out in the form of images. I'll post soon.

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