Sunday, 27 November 2011

the things that happen, autumn '11

Stuart turned thirty on 6th October and we had a house party involving giant gold 3 and 0 balloons as well as a lot of cake which never got eaten!

Then it was my birthday on 3rd November, we went to xscape and Jamie won a whole load of tickets on the arcade games which we pooled and I bought prizes to share with people.

The cats have been as playful as ever.

Many hats and scarves have ascended from their shoe boxes on the floor of our wardrobe back into circulation as the weather gets, well... wetter, if not colder.

Yesterday we went to the Fort where the coca-cola truck was visiting and they were playing "Holidays are Coming...!" which was fun despite the insane rain.
This evening the skinny moon said hello. I love winter!

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